Look at the practical problems Indian doctors are facing during Coronavirus

Indian doctors are asked to evacuate the space from their rental owners. Necessary actions should be taken on these.

By Siddhu Manchikanti, March 26, 2020 17:51 IST

Doctors should be treated as God after the lord. Due to the coronavirus, doctors are facing severe difficulties. Currently, doctors are working hard even they are keeping their lives at risk to save the people. Then, how people should treat doctors? We should be very thankful to the doctors for taking such a risk. But some homeowners are pressuring doctors to vacate their homes immediately. The situation is similar to the national capital Delhi to Warangal.
Criticism is that the current state of disaster people should be broad-minded rather than narrow-minded. But due to fear of coronavirus, house owners are letting doctors vacate their houses. Some medical staff working in Warangal MGM are staying in rented houses because they don't have own houses. However, people are thinking that doctors treating corona patients are also at risk of contracting the virus. So, forcing them to evacuate the house immediately, fearing that they may get infected with the deadly pandemic if they stay home.
Doctors are now struggling to find new houses at this moment. The Warangal Collector has issued warnings. If someone is forcing doctors to evacuate the houses, they will take strict actions against them. But no one is listening to their warnings. The situation is the same in Delhi, too. The central Home Minister Amit Shah phoned Commissioner of Delhi Police. It is suggested to be strict on such homeowners. On the other hand, some homeowners who are pressurizing doctors have been heavily criticized on social media.

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