Modi is the bigger criminal I’ve ever seen: Vijaya Shanti

By Aravind Peesapati, April 20, 2019 17:22 IST

Modi is the bigger criminal I’ve ever seen: Vijaya Shanti
Actress-turned-politician Vijaya Shanti slashed Prime minister Narendra Modi during her whirlwind tour in Mallikarjun Kharge in Karnataka's Gulbarga on Friday campaigning behalf of Leader of the opposition. She is now with the opposition at the center and representing Telangana Congress at the state level.
She criticized Modi that his blatant views on Demonetisation and GST cost the Nation too much. This rebel actress pointed out Modi as the biggest criminal she has ever seen in her life. She ridiculed Modi that he supported the rich persons to flee across countries who cheated banks for thousands of crores.
Recalling the unfulfilled promise of bringing back the Black Money from foreign banks, She alleged Modi has done nothing for the people in the past 5 years. 'Vote for Congress in this elections...You will witness the defeat of Modi on May 23rd,' she told.
Here is some interesting notice as several years ago Vijaya Shanti campaigned for BJP in the Karnataka states where the population of the Telugu people is very high. Now, Ramulamma campaigning for Indian National Congress against her former party.


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