No woman Would Want To Be In Such A Situation; Young Singer Against Bangalore Airport Staff.

A young singer has spoken after security took off her shirt during the security check at the airport.

By Xappie Desk, January 05, 2023 14:42 IST

A young singer has come out against the airport authorities of Bangalore. The young singer said that the officials took off her shirt during the security check at the airport. The young woman, a student and musician, shared her experience at the Bengaluru airport through a post on social media. She was asked to remove the shirt she was wearing during the security check at the Bengaluru airport. She also noted that standing at the checkpoint wearing only underwear was humiliating. No woman would want to be in such a situation and ask why women were asked to remove their clothes.
The woman did not share any other information. Meanwhile, the airport authorities came forward to express regret. This was after the incident became controversial. In response to the woman's tweet, airport officials tweeted that something like that should not have happened. The airport authorities said that the security department and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) under the Central Government have been informed about the incident. They added that necessary steps will be taken on the matter.
The security department officials said that they will take action after checking the CCTV footage. They added that they will investigate the circumstances of asking the young woman to remove her shirt. The woman also asked why they did not file a complaint with the CISF and the police. The social media is questioning the irresponsible behaviour from airport authorities.

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