Pawan Kalyan criticizes Andhra Pradesh government; calls YCP led AP govt corona friendly

Pawan Kalyan is working hard with Janasena party members to ensure the health and safety of the public but the AP government's latest move made him angry.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, May 05, 2020 16:26 IST

Power Star Pawan Kalyan shared his displeasure over the government of Andhra Pradesh opening the liquor shops. Pawan shared his anguish in a series of tweets mentioned below. Pawan questioned this move of the government saying that the AP government failed to keep its promise to the public.
‘YCP led AP GOVT' has become ‘CORONA FRIENDLY’, this Govt came into power with an electoral promise to people that, they will implement ‘COMPLETE LIQUOR BAN’ and of course, they later changed it as ‘PHASE WISE BAN’. Now, during ‘Covid-19’ they have the opportunity to fulfill their election promise of liquor ban, but chosen to open liquor shops instead & the result is this. In this life-threatening Pandemic; all TEMPLES, MASJIDS & CHURCHES are forced to close as social (physical) distancing is not possible. But LIQUOR SHOPS, are ok to be opened, even if they DON’T maintain SOCIAL DISTANCE’???
Pawan Kalyan also shared a newspaper article about a tragedy that took place in AP. A woman along with her daughter attempted suicide because her husband abused her physically after getting drunk. Pawan shared the same and wrote, 'It’s painful to see to look at the suicides, due to opening of liquor shops in AP'
With the help of his Jana Sena party members, Pawan Kalyan is trying his best to help the needy. Pawan is also extending helping hand and support by providing the relief supplies for those in need.

‘YCP led AP GOVT ‘has become ‘CORONA FRIENDLY’, this Govt came into power with an electoral promise to people that ,they will implement ‘COMPLETE LIQUOR BAN’ and of course,they later changed it as ‘PHASE WISE BAN’.(cont..)

— Pawan Kalyan (@PawanKalyan) May 5, 2020
Credits: Twitter

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