PV sindhu named ambassador for BWF's 'i am badminton' campaign

PV Sindhu, an Olympic silver medallist, while speaking about the ‘i am badminton’ campaign, said 'playing clean and honest is very important in any sport.'

By Mohana Sravya Rayaprolu , April 24, 2020 13:02 IST

Badminton World Federation (BWF) disclosed on 22nd April 2020, that World Champion P V Sindhu is now one of their ambassadors for the 'i am badminton' awareness campaign. During the campaign, players will speak about their adoration for the sport and promote a clean and honest play. Sindhu mentioned that it is key to play a clean and fair game in any sport. She went on to add, “This message starts with one voice. If we as ambassadors can highlight this, then I think this will spread to more players.” Sindhu is just twenty-four years old, and has already got the silver medal in the Olympics for India.
Five years ago, the formation of BWF's Integrity Unit began, and to spread awareness for the same, this year’s campaign will be its main focus.
Other players who are part of this initiative are: Canada's Michelle Li, the Chinese duo of Zheng Si Wei and Huang Ya Qiong, England's Jack Shephard, Germany's Valeska Knoblauch, Hong Kong's Chan Ho Yuen and Germany's Marc Zwiebler.
In a recent statement released by BWF, it’s said that, “It's hoped such a concerted effort will not only raise awareness across the entire badminton landscape but encourage players to be active participants in shaping the integrity of the sport. Every player has the right to compete in a clean and fair sport. Match-fixing, match manipulation, and doping are contrary to the spirit of sport. As an ambassador, we all play an important role in safeguarding the future of badminton.”
One of the main goals of the ‘i am badminton’ campaign is to open conversation against match-manipulate. The players can share their experiences and discuss the importance of maintaining integrity, and stand against doping in sports.

Being clean and honest is very important in any sport . This message starts with one voice . If we ambassadors can hightlight this,then I think this will spread to more players . Looking forward to working closely with @bwfmedia
#IAMBADMINTON pic.twitter.com/v0Pv9jBr4F

— Pvsindhu (@Pvsindhu1) April 23, 2020
Credits: Twitter

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