Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating her 94th birthday virtually

Queen Elizabeth's 94th birthday will be celebrated in isolation due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

By Jacqueline Williams, April 20, 2020 17:25 IST

This pandemic has caused a lot of distress. While people get used to a new kind of normal, the lockdown seems to last forever. It is a month now since COVID-19 broke out in numbers and countries sprung up to action. In the middle of all of these people are trying to make the best of this time especially birthday boys and girls. Queen Elizabeth II is one of the many. Tomorrow, she will turn 94. She will be celebrating it in isolation at Windsor Castle with the
Rumors had it that arrangements are being made for a virtual party. A video call so all her children across the world can wish her. Last year, she celebrated her birthday with 16 family members. Now, she is unable to see friends, family, and relatives.
She canceled every tradition that usually took place on her birthday. Such as traditional gun salutes in Hyde Park and Tower of London and Trooping of the Colour in June. Sources say all the video and phone calls conducted tomorrow will be private.
Recently William informed us that there is a Royal family zoom group. He said, We have, we’ve done many a family thing. We’ve been talking to all our family online. And it’s been a really good way of keeping in touch.” Measures are being taken to arrange a family conference for the Queen's birthday. The whole family will turn up.
William and Kate Middleton have done their bit in this pandemic. They made various phone calls and donated generously. William also revealed that zoom sessions are used by the family to let the kids, George, Charlotte, and Louise, be in touch with their grandparents.

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