Sony reveals new information about the PlayStation 5 release date.

In its PlayStation gaming console line Sony is due soon to release its new variation of the famous Play Station.

By Apoorv Shandilya, October 09, 2019 17:53 IST

It’s been a long time since gaming fans got any new news on one of their favourite gaming consoles. It was in April that news surfaced about the PlayStation 5. After which there was a lot of secrecy around the Sony Product. But it seems like the fans won’t have to wait too long.  
Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan in a conversation with The Wired revealed that it will release the PlayStation 5 in time for the holidays next year. “It’s nice to be able to say it,” said the exec. “Like it has lifted a giant burden from my shoulders.”   
The new console will feature higher visual grade graphics and improve download speeds. The console will come with improved haptics of the controller. Allowing players to have a better feel of any game they play.   
The PlayStation 5 will release around the same time as Microsoft’s Project Scarlett, which is a direct successor to the Xbox One. PlayStation 4 and Xbox both released back in 2013.

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