Supreme court gives ruling to AP Government!

Will you accept if all the central government offices get painted in an orange color? stated the Supreme Court.

By Siddhu Manchikanti, March 26, 2020 16:41 IST

The AP High Court set a 10-day deadline for the YCP government to remove its party colours to the panchayat offices all across the state. The court scrapped the Jagan government order about these colours. It passed specific orders to AP Chief Secretary Nilam Sawhney to provide compliance reports in 10 days. This is being seen as a big jolt to the ruling YCP in the midst of elections. In a very alarming way, the court ordered AP CS to submit proofs of changes in colours by the specified deadline. The judges took serious note of the conflicting, adamant stands taken by the government. At one stage, the advocate general argued that the colours are not those of the YCP.
Two weeks after the High Court of AP has ordered the YSRCP authorities. It ordered to change the colours of all the authorities' offices, graveyards, and stuff. However, AP CM YS Jagan led YSRCP authorities to express sad closer to this choice and determined to knock the Supreme Court.
YSRCP chief filed a petition in the Supreme Court over the High Court's decision. Hearing the petition, the courtroom has made satirical feedback on Jagan government. 'Will you accept if all the central government offices get painted in an orange colour? Change the shades of the authorities places of work as per High Court directions,' stated the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court additionally squashed the petition of AP authorities. Earlier the High Court has ordered YSRCP authorities to repaint the panchayat offices. But with local polls getting postponed, Jagan authorities are in no temper to get rid of them. With the Supreme Court's sparkling ruling, YSRCP has no other option.
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