The Aryan Khan Case; Case Closed According To His Lawyer, Following The Cancellation Of His Bail Bond And Release Of His Passport.

In addition to releasing Aryan Khan's passport, the court also revoked Juhi Chawla's Rs. 1 lakh bail bond.

By Fitha Fathima, July 16, 2022 12:03 IST

A special NDPS court approved the release of Aryan Khan's passport, which was held by the NCB, much to the relief of the star Shah Rukh Khan. Now, Aryan is permitted to leave India. The famous child had previously been prohibited from leaving Mumbai by the terms of his release.
According to Sandeep Kapur, a lawyer who was a member of Shah Rukh Khan's legal team assembled for Aryan, tells ETimes that one of Aryan's bail terms was that he couldn't leave India without the Special Judge for NDPS in Greater Mumbai's approval. According to Kapur, in addition to freeing his passport, the court also cancelled Juhi Chawla's Rs. 1 lakh bail bond.
The lawyer said the following in response to these encouraging developments for Aryan Khan: 'This chapter for Aryan is now complete as a result of the NCB's response on Wednesday. He is now free as a result of the revocation of the bail bond and restoration of his passport.' Aryan Khan and six other people in the cruise case received a clean bill of health from the Narcotics Control Bureau.
In reality, prominent lawyer Amit Desai, who represented Aryan in court, noted that this case is closed for him as a result of NCB's clear record and declaration that he is not an accused. According to sources, Desai stated that this was not a discharge application but rather a discharge from the matter as a whole.
A web series that Aryan Khan is creating has been made public in the meantime. At a Mumbai studio, the star child, who has studied filmmaking, completed a test shot for the web series.

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