Villages in AP are giving medicine to Corona, But dangerous!

Some strange propaganda has begun in order to reduce the coronavirus.

By Siddhu Manchikanti, March 25, 2020 14:44 IST

Telangana is known to have a high prevalence of coronavirus. In this backdrop, the Telangana government has taken many stringent measures to avoid the situation being out of control. Telangana's government is working hard to control coronavirus in the entire state. Telangana's government wants public support for this. It has made a sensational decision to close all the public places. Prime Minister of the country Minister Narendra Modi, who spoke to the media and declared Janatha curfew. After curfew Chief KCR declared to continue the lockdown up to March 31st. The government suggested people get confined to houses only. Meanwhile, strange propaganda is being carried out in remote villages regarding coronavirus. Some strange propaganda has begun in order to reduce the coronavirus.
All mothers with one or two sons should bring water from 5 houses, and they should pour the water at the roots of the Neem tree. This campaign was in practice in the villages to as not to get infected with the virus. To this end, the women who believe this propaganda and offered single coconut if she has a single son. Likewise, if a mother has 2 sons, then they offered 2 coconuts to the neem tree.
The matter has now come to social media. It was up to the authorities and the officials responded. The public representatives and officials are suggesting that this is false propaganda. Do not seek coronavirus with superstition. The state government suggests that people should be confined to houses only. Youth in the villages should educate the people not to believe in superstitions

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