Chittam Maharani Trailer - Yazurved, RachanaInder, Sunil, A Kasi, Gowrahari

In spite of the lockdown notification, Chaitra finds Raju online, and he agrees to give her a trip to her village. Due of their shared past, things between them are not good. Raju also seemed to be keeping something secret from her. Chaitra (Rachana Inder) finds employment after arriving in Bangalore. She intends to tour the lovely city later. Sadly, she is left without a place to stay as the city is suddenly placed under lockdown. In a bike pool app, she locates Raju (Yazurved Gurram), who she intends to take for a ride. With no other option, they begin their journey to Andhra Pradesh (Amalapuram) in the midst of the mayhem. In the meantime, some kidnappers kidnap a young girl after her dance class and demand a ransom. Her parents collect the funds and begin their journey to