In An Interview, Janhvi Kapoor Discusses Kantara And NTR And Visits Hyd Chor Bazaar While Covering Her Face

Janhvi Kapoor discusses some of her recollections of her mother Sridevi and her movies in this exclusive interview with conducted by Nayandeep Rakshit. Rishab Shetty and his film Kantara are discussed in depth by Janhvi Kapoor. After seeing the movie Kantara, Janhvi said she had grown to love Rishab Shetty, saying, "What he has performed in the last 30 minutes of Kantara is really remarkable." It is Janhvi's desire to work with Jr. NTR because she thinks he is a nice and extraordinarily skilled actor. Discusses Allu Arjun Pushpa and eating excellent Hyderabadi food and Biriyani while hiding her face at Chor Bazaar in Hyderabad. Janhvi also talked openly about why she hasn't signed any South Asian projects to date. Learn more about Janhvi Kapoor by visiting